My Advocacy

My advocacy is inspired by a vegan ethic and an understanding that forms of oppression are linked. While I work for animal, environmental and social justice, my main focus is animal and environmental activism. I am involved and interested in:

  • Outreach on the streets.
  • Critically reflecting on the animal and environmental movements and promoting a holistic and evidence based approach to achieve the goals we want.
  • Developing learning opportunities to get people confident and comfortable with advocacy.
  • Standing in solidarity with all sorts of justice movements.


I run VeganSci, a project dedicated to finding and sharing the latest science concerned with veganism or that might interest vegans. This can include anything from research on behaviour & health to consciousness & the environment. VeganSci is currently run through FaceBook ( but I hope to create a dedicated website in the future.

My Driving Vision

To transition to a world where the oppression of others and the destruction of global environments for profit is no longer acceptable.