Hopefully (but unlikely) before you post a comment condemning something I’ve said  you will read this disclaimer.

I don’t think my opinion is any better than the millions already out there on the internet, or that what I write will be of interest to anyone but myself. I write because it helps me organise my thoughts and formulate a coherent view of the world. Also, any opinions I held yesterday do not necessarily reflect the opinions I hold today, everyone changes their mind and I am no exception. I reserve the right to change my mind!

If you would like to discuss anything I have written then please feel free to leave comments, I love discussing ideas. If there are any generally offensive comments or blatant trolls they will probably be deleted.


A note on images: The majority of the images on this site are my own. If they are not mine they will be attributed appropriately. Feel free to use any of my images as long as you attribute them to me.


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