2016 Voiceless People’s Choice Awards: Animal Advocacy Training Workshop Series

I am happy to say that my application to Voiceless: the animal protection institute grants scheme has been shortlisted for the 2016 Voiceless People’s Choice Awards. The application outlined a project to develop a series of ‘Animal Advocacy Training’ workshops to help people become confident and comfortable animal advocates.


Lots of people would like to advocate for animals but don’t know where to start or don’t feel confident or comfortable being an advocate. This is a problem because each one of these people could be helping create a better world for animals. To build a stronger movement working for animals it’s important that there are opportunities for these people to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become active animal advocates.

Working with others I want to create and deliver a series of six workshops that will:

  1. Facilitate people to become active animal advocates and improve their advocacy through the sharing of skills & knowledge and by providing them with tools & experiences that make them comfortable with and confident about conducting their own advocacy.
  2. Build connections within the animal advocacy movement and create a strong network of people who continue to share advocacy skills, knowledge and experiences.
  3. Increase the number of individuals who are actively working for the freedom of animals.

The workshop series will use an active and self-directed learning approach to ensure attendees are engage and work on tasks that are directly related to their passions and animal advocacy goals. The workshops will focus around the development of a self-directed ‘animal advocacy project’. Attendees will work on their project during the course of the workshop series and will be encouraged to practice what they are learning between workshops. By the end of the workshop series attendees will have developed an animal advocacy project that they will have the tools, confidence and network to implement. Workshop themes will include:

  1. Identifying my place in animal advocacy.
  2. Approaches to advocacy.
  3. Animal advocacy and the Law.
  4. Strategy and Planning.
  5. Connecting movements: Animal, environmental and social advocacy.
  6. Wellbeing and self-care as an advocate.

Open & Free

The face-to-face workshop series will initially run in Melbourne and be used to create and refine a set of learning resources and activities to help people become animal advocates. All materials will then be turned into a freely available online course to help people anywhere in the world become active animal advocates.


During the workshop I will conduct educational research to identify which learning opportunities are most useful. This research will help to evaluate the effectiveness of the workshop series and inform improvements to future advocate training.

Please Vote

Please consider voting for my project in the 2016 Voiceless People’s Choice Awards. Although I am sure that all five projects are excellent so vote for whichever one you think will have the greatest benefit for the animals! Please remember you only have one vote so make it count. Voting is open from 12pm 19th Sept to 12pm 30th September 2016.

Until all are free!