Research Interests

I have a wide range of research interests but all of the work I do is focused around ideas of shifting to a more equitable world.

Teaching and Learning
I have many interests in this area, including:

  • Identifying and applying techniques that foster students to think holistically about their learning.
  • Investigating ideas around ‘Global Citizenship’ and identifying methods for effectively engaging students about diversity, privilege and ethics.
  • Developing online learning environments and resources that make the learning process easier for students and teachers.

Animal, Environmental and Social Justice
This is the field that drives my passion and keeps me working. I currently have research interests in:

  • Identifying the most effective way to help people interested in animal advocacy become confident and comfortable advocates.
  • Determining how our attitudes towards non-human animals influence, 1) the behaviours that we exhibit towards non-human animals, and 2) what treatments of them we will accept.

I received my PhD from Deakin University, Australia, trying to learn a little about ecology, the environment, genetics, evolution and everything in between. My project focused on the effects that landscape features have on the movement of genes and trait variation of a non-native bird species, the common starling, Sturnus vulgaris.

I am now interested in understanding and predicting the effects that vegan living has on the environment.



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