About Me

my-photo_unitstaffMy main motivation in work is to determine what can actively be done to help create a more equitable world. This involves trying to identify effective forms of education, communication and advocacy that promote thinking  and action on equity, animal rights, and environmentalism, all within a framework of evidenced based scientific enquiry.

Aspects of our collective ethics are evolving all the time, however, this evolution will not happen on it’s own, it needs to be advocated and pursued at every opportunity. We need to effectively communicate ideas of equality and how they can be applied in our daily lives, whether it is the expansion of our individual moral consideration or breaking down privilege. While also actively working to end the cultural and economic structures that facilitate the exploitation and oppression of others.

This is a place for me to maintain a portfolio of the work that I do, keep
a record of what I have been thinking about and organise my thoughts by writing them down.

Until everyone is free, every cage is broken and our environments are safe from destruction!



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